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ArcticBlu Cooling Towels

Cooling Towels by ArcticBluxBB are unique. They are unlike any other product on the market. The towel is 66 X 43 X 2 cm in length. The towel on one side is as smooth as a baby seal. While the other side sports a waffle like dimple design to give a comforting texture to the skin as it applies a refreshing cool relief to the body. The towel is woven with a proprietary blend of organic and synthetic material that give the towel more texture, stability and durability than any other. Because of its unique design the towel is able to suspend the water for longer periods of time thus the ArcticBluxBB Blue Cooling Towel stays colder longer. The towel comes in a reusable container that allows for easy transportation. The ArcticBluxBB Blue Cooling Towel is exactly what it says it is. It is a soft cloth-like towel that is engineered to keep you cool. When submerged into water, the towel gets cold in a matter of seconds, and remains that way for approximately 4-6 hours. Most of the details of the xF1genetic make-upxEE of the product are proprietary in nature; however the product is designed to make the competition obsolete. Our product is made to last! It can be washed and re-used. The possibilities for this product are endless. 66 X 43 X 2 cm Durable, re-usable, washable, non-toxic, latex/chemical free Includes reusable container for easy transportation in your golf bag, book bag, purse, or rucksack Cools approximately 4-6 hours How it Works:The ArcticBlu, material is highly absorbent, (like a sponge) and can absorb up to 8 times its weight in water. Once wet, the towels produce a cooling affect with the help of simple evaporation. As long as the towel is wet, the towels will stay cool. Exposure to the air will keep it cooler even longer. Can you refrigerate/freeze your towel? Yes to the refrigerator but not the freezer. Since the ArticBlu cooling towel material is loaded with water when in use, placing it in the freezer would cause it to freeze and become brittle. Howe

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