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Black Diamond Ember Power Light Flashlight

Hand-held lighting meets portable power: The Ember Power Light illuminates the trail ahead and charges your hand-held electronics when you get to camp. From swapping stories in camp to powering up your must-have electronics in the backcountry, the sleek 150-lumen Black Diamond Ember Power Light masters hand-held lighting while adding charging capabilities. With an integrated USB port, keeping hand-held electronics alive is possible even miles from the trailhead. A swipe-activated TriplePower LED and a rechargeable lithium polymer battery with power meter and lock mode for increased shelf life eliminates your lighting worries. One TriplePower LED provides 150 lumens of light USB port charges hand-held digital devices Swipe activated Rechargeable, sealed lithium polymer battery Lock mode disengages battery to eliminate drain and increase shelf life Power meter shows remaining battery life Lighting Range: Both Rechargeable And A Power Source: Charges mobile devices and headlamps.

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