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Capit WarmMe 7.4V Battery Heated Vest

With the battery heated vest WarmMe today is possible to practice outdoor activity keeping yourself warm an setting the temperature as you like. Manufactured with Soft-Shell fabric, heated vest is thin, resistant and stretchy, keeps the heat but is transpirant and it has a double external layer waterproof/wind-block. Heated vest has been designed to be weared under any clothing, adapting to different clothing used in the different activities. The WarmMe heated vest can be the dress for every day: for work, sport, and free time. The innovative technology of Capit, already famous in racing field, is based on heating and flexible carbon filaments, strategically positioned in specific areas, in order to maintain a comfortable temperature around 38/40xB0C. Three settable temperatures with one backlit button. The battery is included. Light and small, the battery recharges quickly. It is positioned in a little internal pocket and it can power the heating circuit up to 7 hours. Features: Infrared heating: invisible circuit composed of carbon heat-up elements flexible and ultra-flat, strategically positioned in specific areas of the body, so as to help maintain and earn a comfortable temperature One control easy to use: “easy touch” button (so you can use it without removing gloves) to select temperatures available. With 3 colored lights can understand even in the dark what temperature you are using. Red light = high 50xB0C battery life 3.5 hours, orange light = average 45xB0C battery life 6.5 hours, green light = maintenance 40xB0C battery life 7.5 hours Lightness and comfort: lithium-ion battery 7.4 V – 3000 mAh small, light and fast rechargeable. Positioned in a small interior pocket is able to power the circuit up to 7 hours for each charge cycle Tailored fit: double side zipper for a perfect fit to the body whatever clothing you are using Nothing cold hands: zip pullers and “easy open” pocket flaps to use the jacket without removing gloves All safe: “reverse” zip t

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