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Coolture Cooling Gloves with CoolPak

PROVIDES COMFORT WHEN OVERHEATED • PAIN RELIEF FOR CARPAL TUNNEL + WRIST PAIN • PERFECT FOR FENG FU. The hand, and especially the palms of the hand, are very unique areas when it comes to cooling. The palms of the hands contain structures that are called AVA’s (arteriovenous anastomoses). These are a concentrated network of small arteries and veins which work like radiators or heat exchangers. This results in these areas being able to potentially exchange relatively larger amounts of heat or cold than their surface area alone would dictate. Providing cooling to hands can be effective in improving comfort and helping reduce the sweating response (1, 3). Coolture developed a unique product for cooling the palms – the only palm cooling accessory available. The “fingerless glove” is constructed from performance spandex, resulting in a snug but comfortable fit. One CoolPak slips into the concealed pocket of each glove, with a thumbhole that positions the hidden CoolPak directly onto your palms. You can either remove the cooling gloves to free your hands for gripping – or continue your cooling experience by sliding the gloves onto your wrists! When worn on the wrists, Coolture cooling gloves can provide therapeutic relief from carpal tunnel syndrome. Features: Fold Cuff Back to Expose Pocket Insert Coolpak into Pocket Fold Cuff to Cover Pocket

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