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Flowtron Diplomat Commercial Indoor Fly Control Device – 80W / 1200 sq. ft.

Lure Power: 80 Watts Coverage: 1,200 sq. ft. Effective, economical, safe. Flowtron electronic fly control devices combine ultraviolet black light energy with exclusive reflector panels and a special fly attracting pheromone (sex lure) to provide powerful fly control units that are ecologically safe, effective and economical to operate. Flies and other light sensitive flying insect pests are attracted by the ultraviolet light and special lure and are eliminated as they fly through the electro statically charged killing grid. Dead insects drop out of sight into a sanitary, removable collection chamber. Designed for indoor use only, the FC-7600 is ideally suited for use in restaurants, food processing plants, retail food stores, meat-packing plants, barns, stables…or wherever flies are a threat to health and sanitation codes and where the use of toxic chemicals is dangerous, undesirable or banned. Features: Glo-panel reflectors intensify blacklight radiation for enhanced luring power Patented, high efficiency, vertical rod killing grid eliminates grid clogging Controlled grid power provides sure, clean kills with no airborne contamination Chrome plated protective grill enclosure Includes FREE fly sex lure (pheromone) Sex lure increases effectiveness in attracting and killing house and garbage flies No glue boards required UL and CSA listed Meets USDA and FDA guidelines One year limited warranty Specifications: Two high-intensity 40-watt ultraviolet bulbs Indoor wall mount only Space 35 feet apart Removable collection tray Unit dimensions: 18″ high x 15-1/4″ wide x 5-1/4″ deep Replacement bulb: Flowtron BF-150

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