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HeadSweats Supervisor with Coolmax

The HeadSweats Supervisor is the most popular visor in the triathlon industry and trusted companion of thousands of Ironman finishers. THis sporty visor helps keep you cool and comfortable during any outdoor activity. SuperVisor Features: Classic styling with Eventure elastic band for fast moisture transfer and a comfortable fit Quick drying COOLMAX Fabric shell COOLMAX Fabric terry headband keeps the perspiration out of your eyes #1 selling custom visor style in the line; both embroidery and heat transfer Ultra-light comfort at less than 1.3 oz Sweating is one of the body’s natural mechanisms to stay cool. Engineered with special technology to wick moisture and enhance drying, COOLMAX fabric helps you stay dry and energized – exactly what you need to feel comfortable not only during the day, but also through your toughest workouts. Since 1986, COOLMAX fabric has been delivering benefits to help top athletes push harder and longer. Today, COOLMAX fabric appeals to the fashion conscious who prefer a cool, soft and high performance fabric that fits every lifestyle. COOLMAX fabric is the confident, sophisticated choice for active consumers. How it Works: COOLMAX fabric pulls moisture away from your skin. COOLMAX fabric absorbs and spreads moisture out across fabric to enhance evaporative drying rate. Air moves in to keep your body cool and dry. BREATHABILITY: The performance of COOLMAX fabric is inherent in the structure itself. The specially engineered fibers allow fabric designers to create high-performance fabrics that are soft, breathable, and moisture wicking. EASY CARE: Garments made with COOLMAX fabric are machine washable and dryable. However, fabric softener and chlorine bleach should not be used. Some garments may require special care because of the style, not the fabric. It is best to read the care label inside the garment. ENERGY SAVING: COOLMAX fabric is so quick drying that you actually reduce dryer use! Just hang wet clothes and be amazed at how f

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