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Sprigs Hot Collars Neck Warmer

Hot Collars allow for maximum adjustability of the opening, keeping the zipper off the chin and ensuring ventilation control. A must for skiers, runners and winter athletes who go from cold to hot, and sometimes back again. • Zip up to warm up! • Zip down to cool down! • Soft, comfortable fleece Back and better than ever! This year we are relaunching our patented Hot Collar neck gators in a new “sweater-fleece” material. Sweater-fleece has ones side that looks and feels like a tightly knitted sweater and another side more reminiscent of the fleece you’ve come to know and love – soft and fuzzy. In addition to using sweater-fleece we’ve also improved our hot collars by giving them a more generous at the bottom of the front side, giving you a little extra material to zip under a jacket collar. We’ve also given them a unique curved cut on the bottom of the back side to prevent bunching when worn with a jacket or coat that has a collar. Check them out. They’ve long been a favorite of everyone here at Sprigsville and we’re sure you’ll love them too.

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