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Superband Insect Bracelet – 500 Pack

Value Pack: Only $1.29/each! The SuperbandxBB is an insect repellent, made from natural oils contained in the plastic wristband. The Insect Repelling SuperbandxBB wristband is a yellow curly & expandable band. It is one of the best mosquito repellents. The SuperbandxBB is a customer favorite. This product is made from natural oils and the best part is that it is waterproof. It creates an invisible shield around the body which keeps bugs away for more than 200 hours. It is safe to use under adult supervision. SuperbandxBB insect repelling wristbands offer effective protection from the following insects: Mosquitoes Biting Flies Gnats Sand Flies Bees Other annoying flying pests They are DEET FREE, made of pure natural oils being most effective at preventing insect bites. The essential natural oils that are used are non-toxic and safe for children & pets. These insect repelling products donxCDt activate until the package is opened. The best part is that it keeps repelling insects for up to 200 hours after activation. How does Superband work? Our insect repelling products work by creating a natural barrier to help protect the person wearing them. The products work in two ways: first they mask the scent of the person and second they release a scent that is unappealing to insects and this immediately blocks the stimulation of the insectxCDs receptors thus keeping the wearer safe at all times. The high concentration of oils in our products makes it possible for the person to be protected from insects at all times. Material Breakdown: The Bug Button is made with three natural oils. These oils are among the United States Environmental Protection Agency Federal Registry list of safe, non-toxic insecticides. By using the Bug Button you won’t subject yourself, your family, or your children to dangerous chemicals. Active Ingredients:Citronella Oil, Philippine Geranium Oil, Indonesian Lemon grass Oil

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