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Therm-ic Heated Insole Kit with C-Pack 1700B Bluetooth Batteries

The Therm-ic Insole Set includes a pair of high-tech heating insoles and one pair of Therm-ic batteries. Now you can enjoy winter exercise to the full with the Therm-ic Insoles Set. This Therm-ic Insoles Set includes a pair of heated insoles Heat Kit and 1 pair of C-pack 1700 batteries. Features: Fitted with ultra-fine heating elements, the insoles diffuse constant heat for immediate well-being and an optimal foot emperature. The C-pack batteries provide up to 17 hrs of heat. Some are also fitted with the Bluetooth function, enabling you to remote-manage your heating via smartphone. Up to 29 hours of heat Comes with a single control button Pack comes with a USB charger Wall charger not supplied The C-Pack 1700 B batteries are the most effective in the range and thanks to the Bluetooth function you will be able to control the intensity of your heat remotely. Suitable for use with Therm-ic Insoles Heat Flat, Heat 3D and Heat Kit range only The Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit with C-Pack 1700B Bluetooth Battery is supplied in a single size to fit most shoe insoles./li> Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit with C-Pack 1700B Bluetooth Battery: During the winter months, your feet feel cold weather before any other part of you. Due to this, it’s vital to your comfort that you can maintain a comfortably warm temperature inside your shoes while still giving your feet the support they need. The Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit with C-Pack 1700B Bluetooth Battery has been developed to provide your feet with the warmth they need to keep you going, no matter your activity. The included heating elements can be integrated into any insoles, enabling you to receive the warmth your feet need while also ensuring they continue to get the support needed from your current insole. The included battery features three heat settings which can be changed using your smartphone – vital if you need to quickly change the temperature to best protect against Raynaud’s. Integrates into any Insoles: The Heat Kit integrates

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