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Therm-ic ThermicSole Perform, SmartPack rc 1200

The Therm-ic SmartPack 1200 boot heater with remote control and Perform insoles Therm-ic battery boot heating systems are designed to combat sub-zero temperatures and ensures that your winter sport experience is enjoyable. The Therm-ic Perform insoles are easy to use, easy to install and suitable for any boot and shoes. The Therm-ic SmartPack 1200 with Remote Control and Perform insoles is designed to work in any boot or shoe. The SmartPack 1200 with Remote Control is unique because it uses Lithium-ion batteries which are lighter in weight than AA or nickel metal hydride batteries. Lithium-ion batteries weigh almost half of what the other system batteries weigh and are smaller in size. Therm-ic SmartPack 1200 Battery Boot Heater with Remote Control and Perform insoles features: • Quick easy installation! The Perform insoles have the heating elements pre-installed in the toes. All you need to do is remove your current insoles, trim to size, install in boots, plug in and turn on. • Install them yourself. It took us less than 30 minutes to do the initial installation in both boots. • Comfortable warmth up to 22 hours with freshly charged batteries. • 3 levels of heat that allow you to determine how much heat you want and determine how long your batteries last. • Remote Control. No need to bend over to adjust the power to your batteries. All you need to do is touch the button on the remote which can be stored in a pocket or around your neck. Both batteries adjust at the same time. Heat settings: • Low setting: 37C or 99F for 16 – 22 hours of use. • Middle setting: 113F or 45C for 7 – 10 hours of use. • High setting: 70C or 158F for 3 – 4 hours of use. • The time of use depends on the charged status of the batteries, the age of the batteries and the outdoor ambient temperature. • For longer battery time, don’t leave your batteries on all day. For instance, turn your batteries off when inside for break or lunch. You’ll rec

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