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Venture Heat Heated Lumbar Support Cushion

Cold Seats are a Thing of the Past! At some point in your life you’ve dealt with the earth shattering experience of searing lower back pain. Even the slightest movement produces an eruption of pain that feels like you’re being stabbed with a thousand needles. Heated Lumbar Support Cushion Includes: 1 Heated Lumbar Support Cushion 1 Built-In Temperature Controller 1 Wall Adapter Weight 3lbs High Density Memory Foam Then you have to somehow come up with a battle plan for piling yourself in the car without that intense pain coming back…and then try to sit in one of those “ergonomic” chairs that supposedly keeps you comfy while hammering away at your keyboard. So there you sit and suffer for eight hours or more dealing with this unbearable pain while the rest of your co-workers wonder what’s wrong with you. At this point you just want the pain to go away. No worries though, we got your back…literally! Here’s what we did, with your back pain in mind we wanted to show you the Heated Lumbar Support. Let me tell you about it. Imagine one of those cushions you see at office stores but instead of giving you just some extra padding it’s like having a personal massage therapist waiting at your chair. What the heated lumbar support does for your achy and painful muscles: Microscopic alloy fibers send soft, relaxing heat two to three inches below your skin’s surface relaxing the muscles and increasing blood flow for near instant relief Create the perfect amount of heat you need with a one-touch button that allows you to easily change settings Get therapeutic relief all day by plugging your lumbar support into any office outlet with a cord that’s over three feet long and you can even get a 12V adapter so you can take it on the go in your car Worried you might forget to turn the lumbar support off? Each support comes with a Safety Timer that shuts off the support automatically after 30 minutes… you can really set it and forget it!

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