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Veskimo Circulatory Cooling Vest and 9 Quart Cooler Complete System

This Complete Personal Cooling System combines the lightweight, breathable Veskimo Personal Microclimate Cooling Vest to be worn under your normal clothing with the 9 Quart Hand-Carry Cooler that supplies ice chilled water to the Vest via a high efficiency pump.Includes:(1) Veskimo Vest(1) 9 Quart Hand-Carry Cooler(1) Standard Lithium-Ion Battery & ChargerThe 9 Quart Hand-Carry Cooler measures 11" x 9" (viewed from above), is 13" tall to the top of the integral handle and holds twice as much ice and water as the Backpack.It is ideally suited for use on a large motorcycle, in a car, or anywhere the user can be connected to a portable reservoir of ice chilled water.The system can provide up to 8 hours of continuous cooling and includes everything you need to keep cool and comfortable while riding, driving, or participating in a wide variety of activities in hot and humid environments.How to find your perfect fit It’s important to get the right size vest so it fits you properly and stays in place during all your work and play activities. To determine your correct size, you need to make a measurement of your Torso Length. Do not use your T-shirt size as your primary guide in selecting your vest size. Measure from the boney or protruding bump on the top of your shoulder (the end of your clavicle, also known as the AC Joint) to the top of your pants at the center of your body, as shown in the figure below: Be sure to follow these instructions when making your Torso Length measurement: Have someone else measure you – Attempting to do this by yourself may cause significant errors in the result. Wear the type of pants or shorts that you plan to use with the vest, and wear them at the height that is "normal" for you. For example, you may wear work pants with a belt at a different height than sports shorts with an elastic waist band. Don’t suck in your stomach; doing so may result in a Torso Length measurement that is too short, possib

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