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Volt Heat Battery Heated Body Warmer – Neck

Volt Heat Wraps are designed to increase blood flow and provide soothing warmth and muscular relaxation. Every Volt Wrap includes a rechargeable battery to provide on the go, portable relief that targets affected areas to help alleviate pain and relax tight muscles. All day heat Includes rechargeable battery and charger 4 different power settings for your thermal comfort Fleece lined with stretch neoprene shell material for a contoured fit 7V Lithium Ion battery powered Flex pouch battery pouch that allows the user to place battery anywhere on the product. Velcro adjustable straps for custom fit Targeted pain relief Volt Heat Wrap Power Settings: High: (100%) 4 lights, 2 hours Medium/High: (75%) 3 lights, 4 hours Medium/Low: (50%) 2 lights, 6 hours Low: (25%) 1 light, 8 hours Each Heat Wrap Includes: 1 Heated Wrap 1 2200 mAh 7V rechargeable lithium battery 1 Wall Charger How does it work? Volt Heat Wraps are constructed with our patent pending Zero Layer heating system that uses tiny unnoticeable conductive fibers that provide instant heat. Follow these easy steps to start using your Volt Heated Wrap for soothing warmth and pain relief: 1. Charge the battery with included wall charger 2. After the battery is fully charged, place the battery in the flex pouch battery case 3. Connect the plug from the heated wrap to the battery 4. Press the power button on the battery and select desired power level The pocket that the battery fits in has a clear window which makes it easy to I identify the power setting on the battery. With similar products the battery pocket is stationary and in some cases very inconvenient, but Volt has incorporated our new flex pouch battery pocket that allows you to place the battery anywhere on the wrap. This allows each individual user to place the battery in the locations that best suits them and their use. The Volt Heat Wraps heat through conduction. This means that the heat flow is transferred into your joints and muscles due to direct cont

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