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Venture Heat 12V Motorcycle Heated Insoles

Venture PowerSports gear features the latest in innovation and heating technology enabling you to create your own personal micro-climate with ease. Designed to be powered by a 12V battery, you can connect your Heated Insoles to a motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, or scooter for endless heated comfort. Keep your toes warm and your feet comfortable with soothing warmth while out on a ride. Extend the riding season long into the cold months with Heated Insoles. You will never have to deal with freezing toes again! Specifications: Can be trimmed to fit more precisely to your riding boots Durable Rubber Base Heat: XCT Technology Draw: 0.72 Amps/8.6W Each (1.44 Amps/17.2W Total) Source: 12-13.8 Volts DC Connector: DC coax plug (input) All Over Heat. Micro Climate. Extend the Riding Season: The heating elements are positioned throughout the entire insole which allows warmth to be circulated within your foot to give the comfort and protection you need. Built for riding enthusiasts: The polyurethane foam absorbs shock to make bumpier roads more comfortable. The contoured shape follows your foot’s anatomical form for maximum support, flexibility, and comfort. Xtreme Comfort Technology: With Xtreme Comfort Technology, we eliminate bulky insulation and coils and replaced them with hair-thin, micro fiber wires allowing a more flexible range of motion without the heavy layers. 12V Direct Connection: The 12V Heated Insoles are powered by the existing battery of your motorcycle and will provide heat as long as you’re on the road. Simply connect the harness to the terminals on the battery and run the coax cable underneath the body. This non-intrusive configuration allows you to maintain the same look and feel to your bike without cables interfering. Whats Inside the Box: 1 12V Heated Insoles 1 Coax Y-Splitter Cable 1 Battery Harness with Safety Fuse

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